Mesta, Organic Garnacha, Uclès

Mesta, Organic Garnacha, Uclès

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Juicy, bright, fleshy and smooth, this red comes with a pickle of varietal bite in the form of some high-altitude made spice that is a beautiful counter-point to the dark fruit flavours. The result is a soft, easy glass of wine that seems perfect at any time of the week. Delightful with or without pork chops, burgers, grills or tapas.

Mesta is the product of a very well-respected and modern outfit called Viticultores Peninsula Bodegas Fontana. The company (or companies) are a project of two MWs that seeks to find fresh, interesting and high quality sites for indigenous Spanish and international grape varieties.

The results of these findings sees them with fascinating wines that are bottled under a broad range of labels and then go to various allocated markets: labels a, b, and c go to the restaurant and café markets, while labels x, y, z go to the off-licence trade. It's a clever and forward-looking model and is one that works very well for their business interests. 

These vines are some of the early experiments that the winery have made with organic viticulture and the results are wonderful.

Unoaked, but full of complex flavours and a lush structure, this is a gorgeous advocate for doing the earth right.

Further details

  • 13.5% 
  • Spain 
  • Pasta 
  • Pizza 
  • Pork 
  • Tapas 
  • Grenache 
  • Ucles 
  • Balanced 
  • Bright 
  • Fruity 
  • Medium Bodied 
  • Organic 
  • Smooth 

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