Gift Card for The Allotment Wine Co.

Gift Card for The Allotment Wine Co.

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Do you have a wine lover in your life, but can't decide what to buy them? Well, it turns out we have just the thing.

Now, some people think gift vouchers can be a little impersonal, and they'd be mostly right. However,  wine tastes and preferences can be very personal, so the gift to choose wine is, we think, a great idea.

How they work

These are e-cards and are delivered instantly by email, along with full instructions on how to redeem them. No losing them down the back of the couch, no getting lost in the post, they're perfect. 

Here's how they work. You choose an amount for your web gift card voucher. Once you've bought it, we'll email it you instantly and you can forward it, via email to the lucky recipient.

Then, they just need to enter the unique gift card code when they checkout on The Allotment.

Balance can be used for multiple purchases

A gift card holds a balance, so it doesn't have to be used all at once. Even better, the card balance can be used for the whole order, including delivery charges. 

Lastly, if the balance available on the gift card is greater than or equal to the order total, then the owner can check out and they'll keep any remaining balance.

And if the balance available on the gift card isn't enough to cover the full order, then they'll be prompted to choose a second payment option for the remaining amount  before placing the order.

Further details

  • Gift Card 
  • Voucher 

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