Critics' Choice: Rafael Palacios, Louro do Bolo, Godello Valdeorras

Critics' Choice: Rafael Palacios, Louro do Bolo, Godello Valdeorras

Great to see one of my favourite white wines, the Louro do Bolo Godello from Valdeorras in the news today.

Here's what Leslie Williams said, in his Irish Examiner column on 27th October, 2023.

Rafael Palacios has gained worldwide fame for his Godello, in particular his top wine ‘As Sortes’ which is arguably Spain’s best white wine. This Louro is almost (but not quite) as good — floral and stone fruit aromas, fennel and sage, creamy and complex with brisk acidity and a lingering salty tang.

Worldwide fame? I agree. This is super-star territory, even without the price tag.One of the best and most popular whites from Spain over the last decade, this is made by a member of one of the most famous wine-making families Spain has ever had.

This is Godello from the hands that know it best - it is seriously excellent and a rare, old-vines treat for those who want to know more about the grape, while presenting a classic, dry, complex and mouth-filling wine for those who simply want really good white wine. The vines here are up to 90 years old.

In this way, Palacios has put Godello grape and Valdeorras on the map as a genuinely classic European wine region. Not many other winemakers could claim that accolade within their lifetime.

Oh, and this wine is his "entry" level... it's nuts. 

You can buy the Louro do Bolo Godello here and for a little less than most place :P