Magnums of wine

As the saying goes, sometimes a bottle isn't big enough for two...

Another saying says that sometimes a Magnum is too much for one but too little for two, but that's not quite what we're getting at here.

Look: there is so much to be gained from Magnums. All wine writers love them and rave about them, decrying amongst other things: the aging benefits for the wine inside; the increased consistency of quality throughout the life of the pouring bottle once opened; the spectacle of a larger bottle; and quite simply, they are often really good value.

We love them for all those reasons but also because they look so wonderful and you tend to reserve them for special occasions and, with that, normally comes some special respect from the company that is being kept... The ceremony plus quality make magnums something we love to keep and love to serve even more than that (most of the time).

Here is a selection of some of our best-selling wines that are available in Magnum format.

Oh, and to be clear, a Magnum is simply double the normal size of wine bottle, which means it is 1.5 litres in volume. Other larger sizes all have different names, most of which are taken from the names of Kings in the Old Testament!

Magnums of wine

Customer reviews

Excellent service, lovely wine, choosing online is so easy with Chris’ excellent tasting notes and the fun of opening a wine for the first time adds to the experience.
Gerry R
I ordered some sparkling Cava from Chris which arrived so promptly! A really delicate delicious wine that I haven't seen anywhere else. A great selection of quality wines at really good prices!
A. O'Neill
I must say the wine list here is amazing. Top quality and what I like the most is a rich info on every presented bottle. Pure example when someone puts their heart and knowledge into it. I had a few Burgundy ones and they were delicious! Superb packaging and delivery as well.
My first purchase with Allotment and it was a really positive experience - from their website, product range , price range and professional follow up.
Anne K.
I stumbled across this wine merchant while searching online for a particular Spanish wine. I'm glad I did as I discovered an excellent selection of wines from that country, as well as from other regions, all at competitive prices. Excellent personal service and prompt delivery made for a great overall experience. Highly recommended
John H.
The owner Chris provides an incredible customer experience. After I had ordered online, he contacted me separately to offer additional insights into all the wines I had chosen and to give me a voucher for next time.
Sean G
A great experience ordering from The Allotment Wine Company. A wide variety of wines to try something new and at good prices with super quick delivery! Really convenient too as opposed to trying to find parking!
Nicola D.
Good range of interesting wines. Good personal attention to their orders. Very customer focused. I would be happy to recommend this company to any prospective customer.
Jim D
Wonderful wines from a wonderfully wise wine man! Have discovered some cracking vino thanks to Chris’ educational and entertaining videos and can’t wait to try more. My favourite kind of special delivery!
Kate W.
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