Gran Cerdo, Organic, Biodynamic, Rioja and a breath of fresh air

Gran Cerdo, Organic, Biodynamic, Rioja and a breath of fresh air

Based in Rioja, Gonzalo Gonzalo, is a brilliant biodynamic winemaker who turned his back on traditional grape growing methods and winemaking techniques.

He eschews pesticides, and other chemicals, not adding sulfites or artificial yeasts and follows the biodynamic lunar cycle in both the vineyard and the winery.

The wines that Gonzalo produces use no filtration or stabilisation and has established a growing following.

And the label, featuring a fat pig (Gran Cerdo in Spanish) is in reference to financial challenges he had in his first vintage. Needing additional capital to complete the harvest, Gonzalo went to the bank. However, his credit application was refused on the basis that wine was not regarded as suitable security for a loan.

The label is named after these bankers, or the ‘fat pigs’ who almost killed his business when refusing his request for a loan.

His whole project has been widely referred to as a "breath of fresh air" in Rioja, encouraging smaller and more dynamic, focused and independent visions of the region to be made realities, bringing increased diversity and re-invigoration to this most established of regions.

And it's gorgeous - you can try his Gran Cerdo Rioja over here.