New arrivals: Corryton Burge

New arrivals: Corryton Burge

This 6th-generation winery in Barossa is home to the Burge family's latest and most comprehensive venture. Named after their Homestead which is situated in the Eden Valley sub-zone beside the Barossa valley, it is as historic as the Burge family themselves.

The wines are all modern classics: Eden Valley's hallmark Riesling; the specialist and niche Pinot Gris; barrel-aged but refined and scintillating Chardonnay; the charming breadth of their Barossa Shiraz and the iconic power and arresting presence of the Percival Norman Shiraz from very old vines grown in the best Barossa sites.

The Burge family have lived in the Corryton Park Homestead since their parents bought it in the 1990s, at which stage they registered the name as a company - just in case they had to use it - which is very handy: the Grant Burge winery and name and use of the name was sold to Accolade wines in 2015 and of course means that they're never, ever allowed to use the name in association with wine. However, because they registered this one earlier, they're out of the loop.

Plus, they sold the name: they held onto the winery itself in Illaparra, the Cellar-door (which is a term for a winery's own shop) in Tanunda, and possibly most importantly, the 300 hectares of vineyard across south Australia. These feed numerous other family projects, but it's the Corryton project that has the potential to best emulate the previous successes of the family history.

It's familiar Australia, in expert hands, with far, far more quality than their approachable prices would imply.

We're very impressed!