The All White on the Night Case

The All White on the Night Case

We went out with our gorgeous white wine case offer this week.

Email subscribers always get first dibs and discount codes, followed by the social channels (more on those later).

Anyway, the cut and thrust of the email was that while it's, allegedly, getting closer to summer the weather has been a very fickle friend, so... I thought of a very cunning plan. One that will make us think it's summertime, whatever the clouds throw at us! 🌞

What's the deal?

A fabulous and really broad, varied case of six white wines: European, Kiwi and Argentinean, which will suit a wide range of food styles as well as none at all.

Here's what you get and this time there's free delivery 🚚 , even for a six-pack, because I'm convinced that goodness makes the sun come out.

And. Those. Social. Channels.

Well, we're now on Fffff Facebook. I'm not sure what'll happen, but do, please like us over there... and you should follow us on Twitter too. Why? Who knows, nut there might be competitions, giveaways and all sorts pretty soon. 🎁