The ultimate A-Z of grapes. D is for...

The ultimate A-Z of grapes. D is for...


Dobričić is an ancient red wine grape variety from the island of Šolta off the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. It is one parent of the Plavac Mali red wine grape variety; the other one is Zinfandel, a grape variety also known as Crljenak Kaštelanski in Croatia, from where it originates.


Dolcetto is a black wine grape variety widely grown in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. The name means “little sweet one,” though it is nearly always a dry wine. Dolcetto wines can be tannic and fruit driven with moderate levels of acidity.

They are typically meant to be drunk no more than one to two years after release. Dolcetto wines are known for black cherry and licorice flavors with some prunes and a characteristically bitter finish reminiscent of almonds.


Dornfelder is the second most grown red wine grape variety in Germany. Dornfelder has a depth of colour, good acidity and the ability to benefit from barrique aging and the associated oak flavours. Dornfelder wines are velvety textured, slightly floral, often show flavours of plums, blackberries or cherries, and are typically oaked. Sometimes of the wines have a hint of sweetness


see Petit Sirah.