Wine Box of the Week

Wine Box of the Week

New concept here at The Allotment, called Wine Box of The Week.

i thought this one up as part answer to the many questions that I get that run something like "Chris, what's your favourite wine?" or "Chris, what are you going to drink this weekend?" or "Chris, have you got anything that's new?" or "Hey, what are we having for dinner?"...

This is a chance for you to get inside my head and see what wines I'm really thinking about at this very moment in time.

These are the wines that I can see would make for a super wine-tasting, or that may have been overlooked, or under-sold... or a combination of all these and more

So, the wine box of the week is the place where you're most likely to find the odds and ends that I've become rather keen on. Unfortunately, they never last too long.

But there’s more.

The Wine Box of the week comes with a minimum of 15% off - and with free delivery too.

One tiny catch,  as the name suggests,  each box is only available for a week!