Wine Box of the Week #7

Wine Box of the Week #7

Our wine box of the week is back with some gorgeous treats inside.

Here's what we have this week

1. La Marca di San Daniele, "Capovolto", Verdicchio di Matelica.

Simply one of the best wines from its region, the vineyards in San Michele are all organic and produce white wines of purity, energy and utter drinking pleasure. A great personal story too, if you care to read it.

2. Wagner Stempel, Grauburgunder, Rheinhessen.

A Pinot Grigio, from Germany. Jawohl! You might wonder why Germans need other white grape varieties other than Riesling: well, wonder no more! A stunning, soft, round, peachy and perfectly balanced wine that is excellent with food. This is slightly less "angular" than most Rieslings when drinking on its own and is genuinely nothing like its namesake in Italy.

3. Gran Cerdo, Tempranillo

Winemaker Gonzalo Gonzalo was denied loans for the project to establish this winery and as a homage to the bankers who made these decisions, named this wine after them: Big Pigs. The pig on the label is chewing money and it is clear that this is a long way from the practices espoused by Gonzalo. 

Widely referred to as a "breath of fresh air" in Rioja, nothing will get in the way of your absolute enjoyment of this - like dust to a Dyson.

4. Kaiken Ultra Merlot 2016

This is gorgeous, round, soft and mature red that will make you forget any prejudices you may hold against Merlot! Full-bodied and rich, this is in perfectly aged condition and is loaded with chocolate, leather and integrated cinnamon spice, that adorn the blackberry and plum fruit core. It is very smooth and very approachable.

5. Les Deux Cols, Cuvée Alize, Côtes du Rhône

A stunning Côtes du Rhône made by two Irish and one Frenchman! Fresh, elegant, vibrant and long; more like a Burgundy in its execution, it has made many of us look again at what is possible from the Southern Rhone. 

6. Santa Margherita, Prosecco Spumante DOCG

This is a very, very Good Prosecco. It is worth every penny of its price tag and that's not just because it has a beautiful bottle. It is clean, crisp, dry and in an unusual turn for Prosecco, has real depth and complexity, whilst retaining its balance.

Grown in some of the oldest Glera vineyards in the region, this project was started in the 1950s, long before Prosecco rocketed internationally at the end of the 1990s. These vines are grown on some of the steepest slopes in Italy and produce grapes that retain freshness yet possess a ripe roundness that gives this wine its typicity of character and style.

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