Wines of Giorgio Pelissero, Barbaresco

Wines of Giorgio Pelissero, Barbaresco

Over the last fifteen years, the wines made by Giorgio Pelissero have garnered some of the highest praise, ratings and reviews of any winery in Piemonte.

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Widely adored by sommeliers and chefs, the wines are also loved by collectors, consumers and critics as they are achieve that elusive status of being both immediately accessible and able to age, typical of the region yet completely identifiably singular.

Giorgio is a very focused and serious winemaker with a big heart and an extraordinary understanding of his land. He is proud of his team and the achievements of their work, yet he works with humility and service to all around him.

Based in the hamlet of Treiso, the winery sits on a gently sloping plateau, affording views to Mont Blanc while providing an excellent plain for the Barbera vines in which the winery sits. 

Find out more about the vineyards, like Piani or Munfrina on the Pelissero website, and you can buy the Pelissero wines online from today.