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Chris picks, you enjoy.

Every month, you'll get six different wines, with free delivery. 

In this case of six, Chris picks what's good, what's new and will also add in some rare finds. This is perfect for you if you've bought wine from Chris before and trust his judgement, or if you just like trying new wines but hate having to choose.

There are thousands and thousands of different grape varieties that go into wine, with thousands of different styles. Whether it's made from grapes grown at crazy altitudes in the Andes, or on the slopes of an active volcano in Italy, this diversity of place is what makes the world of wine so very special.

This case of wine is for the intrepid wine explorer wanting to discover different styles, tastes and regions of the wine world. 

What else?

You'll also receive video tasting notes with the wines, giving the story of the place and people behind the wine.

You'll also receive exclusive discounts and early access to our wine sales.