Chris' Picks: Subscription Delivered Every Month - 6 Bottles

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Free delivery when you buy 12 or more bottles.


Six different wines, delivered to you. Every month.

Free delivery; and wines at a really nice price, too.

Chris picks, you enjoy.

There are thousands and thousands of different grape varieties that go into wine, with thousands of different styles. Whether it's made from grapes grown at crazy altitudes in the Andes, or on the slopes of an active volcano in Italy, this diversity of place is what makes the world of wine so very special.

This case of wine is for the intrepid (and maybe for the not so intrepid) wine traveller wanting to explore and discover different styles, tastes and regions of the wine world. 

In this case, we'll pick what's good, what's new and will also add some rare finds. This is perfect for you if you've bought wine from Chris before and trust his judgement, or if you just like trying new wines but hate having to choose.

Like it? Get it again

If you find a favourite, drop us a line or if you want to customise your case to have fewer reds, or whites. And if there's anything you don't like, let us know, and your next month's case will be altered to reflect your preferences.

Each case comes with thorough notes, stories and anecdotes about the wine. See an example here

What you won't get, we promise

What we will never do is fill it with bin ends or wines that we want to get rid of.

Cancel anytime, no contract or commitment

This is a subscription offer, so you'll get it every month - but you can cancel any time.

Also, and importantly, we won't charge you automatically, because no one likes nasty surprises. We'll send you a link to pay every month and you can decide then.

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