The Dissenter's All Red Case - 6 bottles

The Dissenter's All Red Case - 6 bottles

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Four different red wines from Maison Ventenac, a young and dynamic project based in the vineyards of the Ramé family in Cabardès, just north of the city of Carcassonne.

With The Dissenters range, the Ramé family manage their best vineyards in the most natural way possible. Organic viticulture, indigenous yeasts, a respect for biodiversity, with minimum addition of sulfites, and not too much in the way of oak influence.

We really love and admire the up front and no nonsense messaging in their Dissenters range and their reds have a purity, balance, and simplicity that can be hard to find at this price point. It reflects the Ramé family's pushing the boundaries to find ways to express their interpretation of the land.

In this case, we have five reds, doubling up on Eve, the very gorgeous Syrah.

    1. L'Idiot Merlot. A homage to the character Miles from the 2004 film Sideways and the many other wine consuming 'elite' who won't drink Merlot. Made in small batches and blended to a very soft, smooth and delicious wine, showing Merlot's low tannins, plum, red cherry and plum-ripe fruit.
    2. Stephanie Merlot. Made for Stephanie, the co-owner of the estate, who's stated dislike for Merlot was in some part the instigation for this wine's production. And she loves it! 
    3. Le Paria Grenache. The Paria or outcast, made from Grenache, at one time a bit of undesirable or outcast variety planted in Cabardès. Previously dismissed as "not ripe enough" for some, or "not in the right place" for others. In the hands of Maison Ventenac, it's "just perfect".
    4. Réserve de Jeanne Red Blend. Made as an homage to their situation between the Atlantic and Mediterranean, this is a gorgeous blend of Cabernet Franc and Syrah.
    5. Eve Syrah (two bottles). A gorgeous, fresh and juicy Syrah that is full of red fruit flavours, plum and fresh spices. There is a wonderful tension in the structure and the mid-weight palate finishes with a vibrant ripe-fruit-punch, which is like a glass of sunshine

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