New in: 50% off this gorgeous rosé wine

New in: 50% off this gorgeous rosé wine

I don't usually post about one-off wines, but we've just got a recent delivery of a really beautiful rosé wine from New Zealand.'s half price. Deal, steal, sale of the century, kind of stuff.

Well, actually, it reall is.

You see, this rosé is made from some of the best Pinot Noir Grapes in the New World.

While it's from New Zealand, it's very much a crisp Provence-style rosé wines that will keep the sunshine feeling whatever the weather!

It's moderately low in alcohol too, making it a very amiable companion to summer-like evenings. But because it's made of really good Pinot Noir, it has food-matching and 'the rest of the year' written all over it as well. 

How can I give it away at half-price you ask?

Every year our chum, the supplier, has to buy the current vintage, or the most recently available one, and in order to not be stuck with too much overlapping stock, and free up some space, they decided to give it to us for half price!

But it's in perfect condition!

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