Best Rosé wines in Ireland

Five best rosés to drink this summer

Though the I'm firmly of the belief that the best rosé wines can be enjoyed throughout the year, and not just when the summer sun shines.

However, there’s no getting around the fact that the summer sun casts a little more light on rosé as a perfect summer sipper.

With that in mind, here are the top five rosé wines for Irish wine fans.

  1. Muga, Rioja, Rosado/Rosé: From one of the great houses of Haro, this is a Rosé that is as complex and rewarding as the other wines form this wonderful estate.
  2. Butterworth Estate, Regatta, Martinborough Rosé: A really beautiful wine made from some of the best Pinot Noir Grapes in New Zealand; this is a delicious, dry, fruity, crisp Provence-style rosé that will keep the sunshine feeling regardless of the weather!
  3. Domaine la Colombette, Grenache Rosé: this one has won Judge's Favourite in its category for 10 consecutive vintages in the Paris wine fair and it has also won the hearts of the Irish wine press, and for good reason! Smashing.
  4. Studio by Miraval, Provence Rosé:  This is a real beauty of a Rosé; elegant, fresh, light, perfumed, mouthwatering and balanced. Slightly lighter in colour and a little fresher than its elder sibling, this is a gorgeous wine that is indeed suitable for all seasons and with a huge variety of cuisine. And hardly a mention of Brad and Angelina, until now
  5. Santa Margherita, Rosé Spumante: rosé, bubbles, what's not to like? Guilty pleasure, yes, but with bags of class. Made for celebration, fresh and bright, elegantly delivering its flavours with finesse and balance.