Contents of our wine box of the week (6 bottles of wine, described below)

Wine Box of the Week #13

Our Wine Box of the Week concept continues to be a massive hit with customers, and it's also great fun (and a challenge) to curate it every week. 

For both me, and customers it replicates the real-world, in-person conversations that go something like this,

"Chris, what's your favourite wine?" or "Chris, what are you going to drink this weekend?" or "Chris, have you got anything that's new?" or"What do you drink with this sort of weather?" or, quite often, "Hey, what are we bringing on holiday?"...

The wines I put into the box, are many and varied, wines that I can see would make for a great wine-tasting, or some that could be have been a bit overlooked, or under-sold.

This week, I think we've hit the jackpot. In Wine Box of the Week #13, there's one of each of the following:

  1. Dorli Muhr, Carnuntum Rosé from Austria
  2. Le Wally, Anjou Sec, Chenin Blanc
  3. Breuer, Mehrlein, Lunden, Riesling Venture
  4. Yves Cuilleron, Les Candives
  5. Vasse Felix, Filius Cabernet Sauvignon
  6. Ricasoli, Antica Feudi della Trappola

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